GP-03 for Limited Hot Work

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RKI’s GP-03, a portable single gas combustible monitor, is being used to minimize the permitting process for what is called, Limited Hot Work. Refineries in Northern California eliminate the need to pre-test areas by using the GP-03 gas monitor.

Limited Hot Work is when any electrical device like laptops, PDA’s, pagers, and cell phones are used in a Class 1, potentially hazardous, flammable or explosive environment. Since these items are usually not intrinsically safe, there is a protocol covering the use of these items at refineries. When any employee or contractor is using any of the above-mentioned items at a refinery, they are issued a portable LEL meter (like the GP-03). As long as the GP-03 is not in alarm (below 10% LEL), it is OK to operate the electrical device.

The GP-03’s size and price make it an ideal hands free solution for Limited Hot Work. Measuring only 2.6 inches tall and weighing only 2.8 ounces, the GP-03 is literally the smallest single gas combustible monitor in the world. With a low price and a two year warranty, it’s also the best value on the market. All GP-03’s are equipped with a rubber protective boot and alligator clip.

Download GP-03 Series Data Sheet

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